OsloMet Workshop on the Ethics of Molecular Robotics (Nov. 13th, OsloMet)


OsloMet Workshop on the Ethics of Molecular Robotics

(Nov. 13th, OsloMet)

Molecular robotics is an emerging discipline that aims to produce artificial molecular systems that can adapt to change in the environment, self-organize and evolve. By co-designing possible and desirable futures and co-creating the Principles of Ethics, molecular roboticists in Japan have been collaborating with social scientists and stakeholders to participate in the governance of technology development in a reflexive manner. Similar experiences can also be found in the European RRI and TA activities, which highlight the integration of ethical consideration in inter-/trans-disciplinary research management and stakeholder engagement. This workshop aims to share an understanding of molecular robotics and its ethical and social implications and exchange knowledge and lessons of the governance of emerging technologies in Norway, Europe and Japan.

Date: 12:00-16:00, Wednesday 30 October 2019

Venue: Meeting room x437, Work Research Institute (AFI), OsloMet – Oslo Metropolitan University, Stensberggt. 26, 4. etg, Oslo, Norway

12:00-12:10     Introduction by Go Yoshizawa (AFI, OsloMet) ELSI and RRI of molecular robotics – from a scientist’s perspective
Akihiko Konagaya (School of Computing, Tokyo Institute of Technology)

Lessons from co-creating the Principles of Ethics for Molecular Robotics
Naoto Kawahara (Center for Clinical and Translational Research, Kyushu University)

Responsible governance of science and technology: cases of GMO and stem cell
Ryuma Shineha (Faculty of Arts and Literature, Seijo University)

12:10-13:50  Ethics and governance of molecular robotics

13:50-14:00    Short break

14:00-16:00    RRI and interdisciplinary research Assisted Living: issues on stakeholder engagement
Erik Thorstensen (AFI, OsloMet)

TA and RRI on the social implementation of GM salmon
Mads Dahl Gjefsen (AFI, OsloMet)

Engaging stakeholders in biotechnology patenting: a post-normal analysis of the European patent system
Nico Groenendijk (AFI, OsloMet)

Best practices in interdisciplinary research in Europe: findings from RRI-Practice project
Clare Shelley-Egan (AFI, OsloMet)

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